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"You design it, I'll detail it"


David Holmes, AIA
In my home office:
420 Terrace Dr.
Richardson, Texas 75081
Cell: 972-342-6768

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I am not a drafting service!

“Every building gets built.”

I’m an Architect, a problem solver, a decision maker, a leader. I will not sit around waiting for you to tell me what you want, or what I am to produce. I will not expect you to tell me how to detail something, that’s my job! I take things to closure, so the construction process goes smooth. You do the creative fun part and I’ll do the “nuts and bolts” detail part. You and your clients are going to benefit from the drawings I produce.

Here is what you will be saying after you receive my work:

1. "I don’t need technically skilled Architects, I’ve got CBD producing the exterior shell CDs for me. Now I can concentrate on the parts of the business that I enjoy and are better suited for."

2. "CBD does better drawings, and more thorough, and faster, than I ever did myself. They will do all of my exterior shell work from now on."

3.  "CBD's drawings resulted in far fewer RFIs from the field, and more accurate shop drawings that took less time to review and turn around.  The construction of the building went very smooth, which surprised and pleased the Owner, who has promised us more work in the future because of this.  Instead of spending all my time doing CA, I was able to work on the next fee generating project, which helped us improve our profit margins on the year."

The difference is: “Did it get built easy, or did it get built hard?” Have you ever heard of a contractor walking away from a project because of incomplete or uncoordinated drawings? Of course not! Somehow, some way, every building gets built. If the drawings are weak, the process is stressful, full of RFIs, arguing, and change orders. If the drawings are as complete as they should be, the process is smooth and friendly. Either way, the building gets built. My buildings get built easy. I strive for zero RFIs with my drawings. I issue sets of answers, not sets of questions. I can email sample drawings (.PDFs) to you for your review. Click on the email link above.

My drawings will enable you to concentrate your efforts on other fee generating projects, rather than having to cover your assets on a project under construction being built from a weak set of drawings. You won’t be spending your days talking on the phone or preparing supplemental drawings to explain things. From thorough and clear drawings, you get good and accurate shop drawings, which require less marking up on your part, so are much easier to check and turn around. You’ve been there. You know what I’m talking about!

Experience tells me I’m good at what I do. Detail solutions are sound, and the drafting is easy to read, so the scope of the work is clearly understood by everyone involved: the Owner, Architects, consultants, building officials, contractors, etc.
This is the key to getting your building built easy!! 

How this works:

1. I am a one-man operation when I am producing CDs.
My son Russell has joined me as we have added producing "Record Drawings", formerly called "As-builts". See the green text on this website! I focus on detailing the entire exterior shell of the building, and producing the ready-for-issuing AutoCad drawings which define that work. I have a Detail Library with over 7,000 details, and growing, in it. On most projects, I do not produce the floor plans, RCPs, or any other drawings that define the interiors work.

However, depending on the size of the project, and the schedule, I can do all of the CDs on it, including the plans and interiors, if that is what you need.  Just let me know when you contact me that you need me to do the whole project.

2. If this sparks your interest, call 972-342-6768, or click on the Email CBD link above the right hand column above to send me a message that you’d like more information. I can send you my resume with references, and more detail about the services I provide.

New Service starting in July, 2015

Producing Record Drawings (Formerly called “As-builts”)

My son, Russell, (Former U.S. Marine) is joining me and is bringing his experience with Autocad and measuring buildings with laser devices from his previous job. We are now offering the service of measuring buildings (residential, commercial, any building type) so we can convert them to “Ready-to-go-to-the-Architects/Engineers” Autocad drawing files. This means the more technically accurate and detailed cad drawings (exterior elevations, door inventory schedule; and floors, ceilings, and roof plans) that the A/E team needs to get them started on projects. 

We are adding this service to fill a great void. When we do renovations or additions to buildings we receive an “Owner Furnished Information Package”, which includes the “Record Drawings”. If they do provide cad files, they are almost always just presentation drawings, not the technical information I need to help me produce accurate drawings that can lead to a successful project. So I spend a lot of time massaging those drawings, or I very often just start over from scratch. This wreaks havoc on our ability to meet the owner’s schedule. We are starting this service to help remedy this problem. 

We can work from blueprints or PDFs of drawings produced before the computer age, then verify everything with site visits, or we can start from scratch through on-site measuring surveys. 

From looking into starting this, I found there are several outfits that offer a similar service, and even offer ‘Revit’ cad files and video walk-throughs, etc. As an Architect, I don’t care about any of that. I want Construction Documents (CDs) quality cad files that I can trust to be accurate and realistic about what is out there to get me started on the production of error-free CDs so I can serve my client in a timely fashion. We are not adding this service to produce presentation drawings for you, although they could be used for that. 

Our fees vary depending on the size of the building, number of floors, etc. But to give you an idea, we would do a single-story residence up to 3000 s.f. for $1000, $1750 if it is 2-stories, and the process from start to delivery of cad files and a set of prints would be 3-4 weeks. And yes, we are willing to travel and will stay in a Motel 6 if necessary. That cost would be added in our proposal.

If you or your clients can use our services, please give me a call or email. We’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss our services with you and help you get your project started with sound information.